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How To Choose The Right Excavator.

How To Choose The Right Excavator.

Posted by Danielle Beserra on 5 August 2020

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 Are you in the market for an excavator but aren't sure which one is right for your digging projects? Choosing the right machine for your projects can be an overwhelming task, especially with the variety of features excavators come with. Considering the size, functionality, and budget are all choices you will have to sort through. So how do you decide what size is a good fit for you?


Kubota, Bobcat, and Case all make a variety of sizes that fit different needs, but the main size categories are mini, midi, standard, and large (which typically are sold by a special dealer and are for large specialty jobs.) 

Mini Excavators 

This class is the smallest of the options. Small doesn't mean inferior or lacking the power to perform tough jobs. These mini excavators are perfect if you often work in small spaces, need to fit through gates or get into buildings for indoor projects. 

Mini excavators have canopy or cab options,  the Bobcat E20 comes with a cab to keep you comfortable in the elements. The Bobcat E10 is an electric option which is great if you are looking to save money on gas. The ease of transportation is an attractive feature for people that frequently work in different locations. 

Compact Excavators

Compact Excavators are the next level up from mini excavators. Depending on the model and weight class, some machines can still fit into smaller work spaces and through gates while offering more power and versatility. 

The Bobcat E63 has best-in-class over-the-side lifting performance and improved slew performance makes it an ideal machine for working on slopes. 

Midi & Standard Excavators

Midi & Standard size Excavators are ideal for your standard commercial construction job sites. These machines offer more power, dip depth, and a hydraulic system that allows you to use multiple attachments for almost any job. 

The Bobcat E145, is one of their latest models is a great tool for home demolition, extensive cleanup jobs ideal for roadways, railroads, bridges and infrastructure, commercial, and urban job sites

If you need equipment with this type of power but also want a machine that has greater maneuverability in tight job sites, look for one that offers reduced tail swing, so you can confidently work around obstacles or close to walls. The E145 is a great option in those situations.


How To Determine What Size Is Right For You? 


Lifting Capacity 

Lifting Capacity for excavators

Will you be using your excavator to lift materials? If you are, keep in mind how much your weight you will need to lift and if your machine will be able to perform. Larger excavators have a greater lifting capacity. Also, take a look at the differences in hydraulics among standard size machines. Some may offer improved hydraulics, which will give you more lifting power.

 Dig Depth

 Dig depth Of Excavators

If you are long for an excavator, you are likely looking for a machine for your digging projects. When purchasing a machine, consider what your maximum dig depth typically is. If you have a variety of depths purchasing a larger one may be the best option. However, if most of your digs fall into a one-depth category, it may be better to purchase a smaller machine to meet those requirements and rent a larger machine when your job requires it. 


Attachments for Excavators

Although the size of a machine typically determines which attachments you will be able to use, it is important to consider what size of materials you normally move and if they will fit in your bucket.

If you are planning to use your excavator for more than just lifting, make sure the excavator you choose is compatible with the correct attachments, and if required has a hydraulic system.


Know your budget

Your main considering factor should be the budget. Larger machines are typically more expensive. If you have determined that you will frequently use a Midi or Standard size excavator, but it's not within your budget, consider buying a used machine. It is best to choose a size that you will be able to use most often and rent when you need more power.


Try Before You Buy

If you are still unsure what size of the excavator will work best for you, or if an excavator is even the right machine for your needs, we recommend getting in contact with one of our knowledgeable salespeople. You can ask to demo a piece of equipment or rent a variety of machines to help you decide before purchasing. 

Did You Know? We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment

We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment. From preventative maintenance kits to ordering parts direct. We have you covered.

Learn More

Did You Know? We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment

We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment. From preventative maintenance kits to ordering parts direct. We have you covered.

Learn More