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Bobcat Grader - 84"

Bobcat Grader - 84" for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona

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Bobcat Grader - 84" for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona


Stock #: Grader - 84"


Top Tasks

  • Landscaping
  • Asphalt, curbs, gutters and concrete
  • Trail and path construction


How It Works

Hydraulic cylinders independently adjust each side of the moldboard, angle the moldboard and, on larger models, side shift the moldboard. Tires on the bolster provide excellent flotation to keep the grader moving smoothly over the work area.

Smoother operation and quicker reaction of the grader can be gained when paired with the laser control system. With the laser system, the farther the blade is from grade, the more quickly it will move to grade.

For your most complex design projects, consider the 3D ready system. Using GPS technology or UTS, the system has the ability to accurately and efficiently complete complex designs with accuracy of 3-5 millimeters.


  • Dirt Shield: Mounted over the moldboard on larger models, the dirt shield keeps pushed materials moving forward.
  • Flotation Tires: Provide excellent flotation to keep the grader moving smoothly over the work area.
  • Side Shift: Manual side shifts on smaller models move the blade up to 12 in. to the left or right. The hydraulic side shift on larger models provides up to 13 in. to the left or right, making it easier to grade next to buildings, poles, and other obstacles.
  • Oscillating Bolster: Oscillates to the left or right to minimize the effect of uneven ground.
  • Proportional Hydraulic Valve: Offers three speeds at which the moldboard is raised or lowered, meaning operation can be more closely matched to the speed of the loader. The longer the operator presses the button that controls the valve, the faster the moldboard moves. Also provides finer control with automatic grading solutions.
  • Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edge: When the edge wears out it can be flipped over to provide a fresh cutting edge.
  • Bolt-on End Wing Kit: Helps to carry more material when fine grading or spreading materials such as sand or gravel. Turns the grader into a box blade, eliminating the need for an additional attachment. Option for larger graders.
  • Automatic Control Systems: Increase accuracy and productivity. Automatically moves the blade up or down to keep the base material exactly on-grade. Grader is 3D laser-ready. Laser control and sonic/cross slope systems are available.


Options and Accessories

3D Ready System

Expand your capabilities and increase your efficiency with the industry’s first 3D ready system for compact equipment. Using the plug-and-play system, you’ll save time, fuel, and money with millimeter accuracy. Using GPS or UTS, the system has the ability to complete complex design projects including parking lots, sports fields and road work.

Choose between a satellite option for outdoor applications and a universal total station option for indoor applications. After you load a computer-generated model to the loader’s control box, the system automatically grades the ground with remarkable accuracy. For you, this means moving dirt to the right spot quicker and getting the job done faster.

With the 3D ready system, you can bring your office and jobsite together. To set it up, simply load a software-generated model file to the CB450 control box. Your loader will take care of the rest. Job progress can be monitored from the office using the Connected Site software. It also gives you the ability to make updates to your designs, wirelessly loading the new model file to your loader on the jobsite in real-time.


Model Grader - 84"
Operating Weight 1375 lb
Length 94.5 in
Width 84 in
Height 46.7 in
Cylinders 3
Bolster Oscillation 25
Grader Control Valve 3 spool electric solenoid control
Blade Offset (Right or Left) 12 in
Moldboard Angle (Right of Left) 25°
Width of Moldboard 84
Width of Moldboard (Fully Angled) 76.1
Moldboard Cutting Edge (reversible) 1/2" x 6"
Cutting Edge (reversible) - Length 6 in
Cutting Edge (reversible) - Width 0.5 in