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Bobcat Soil Conditioner, Manual - 48"

Bobcat Soil Conditioner, Manual - 48" for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona

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Bobcat Soil Conditioner, Manual - 48" for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona



Quality & Design Comparison

With a larger displacement motor, direct drive, fully-welded frame and simple maintenance, Bobcat soil conditioners are built tougher. Compare the Bobcat design and quality with other soil conditioners.

Performance Challenge

Other soil conditioners have design flaws that slow you down on the job. With convenient controls, automatic depth control, oscillating front wheels and other features, Bobcat soil conditioners save time and let you tackle tougher landscapes. See the difference in this side-by-side comparison.

Top Tasks

  • Level ground
  • Clear debris
  • Till soil
  • Tear out sod
  • Smooth ruts
  • Move material
  • Grade topsoil
  • Cut swales
  • Prepare ground for seeding and sodding


How To Choose The Right Model

  • Manual Angle and Depth Control: Drum rotation is accomplished with a hydraulic motor, while angle and depth control changes are adjusted manually. Angle control can be set between 0 and 25 degrees to the left or right. Depth control is adjusted with a turnbuckle system. Available on 48- and 72-in. models.
  • On-The-Fly Adjustments: Hydraulic cylinders allow the operator to make adjustments on-the-fly using finger-tip controls from the comfort of the cab. Angle control can be used to direct spoil. Depth control can be used to quickly shave off high spots and fill in low spots. Available on 72-, and 84-in. models.
  • Tough Soils: For ripping though the toughest hardpan and richest clay soils, harness the additional horsepower of high-flow hydraulics, which provide tremendous torque to the drum. Increased drum torque creates a true powered box blade, delivering a smooth jobsite with fewer passes. Available on 72 and 84-in. models.


How It Works

Carbide-tipped teeth on the drum easily rip through hardpan and pulverize clumps. Clumps are ground up, and rocks and other debris are windrowed to the edge of the jobsite. A rubber flap above the drum keeps larger material from going over the drum while allowing fine materials through for a smooth finish. The drum rotates in either direction to allow working in forward or reverse.

Box blade end wings are standard to help move large amounts of material and fill in low spots. Remove the end wings to allow for even distribution of material.

An oscillating booster is standard on larger models. Oscillation keeps the drum parallel to the ground and helps minimize the effect of bumps and potholes, resulting in a smoother finish in fewer passes. The oscillating bolster combined with hydraulic depth and angle controls also make it easy to cut swales for drainage and to sculpt the land.

On larger models, another standard feature is the ability to lock the drum or allow it to float. In the locked position, the soil conditioner acts much like a box blade and will level the surface. In the float position, the drum is able to float over the terrain, preparing the soil without leveling sculpted land.


  • Carbide-Tipped Teeth: Easily rip through hardpan and pulverize clumps for maximum ground penetration. Individual teeth are replaceable for easy attachment maintenance.
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor: Eliminates the need for sprockets and chains, resulting in a more durable product that requires minimal maintenance. Discover the advantages in the quality & design comparison video.
  • Drum Positioning: Lock the drum for a box blade effect, or allow the drum to float for preparing soil without altering land features. Learn more about this feature in the performance challenge video.
  • Foam-Filled Tires: Featured on the 72- and 84-in. hydraulic and high-flow models, foam-filled tires provide better uptime protection by eliminating flat tires on the jobsite.
  • Integrated controls: Control the angle and depth from integrated controls inside the cab. Compare the controls of other brands by watching the performance challenge video.
  • Front Bolster: Designed with a wide stance, the front bolster provides enough room between the wheels and drum to let material in front of the drum, delivering better grade control. Flip the bolster up to create extra room for storage or when transporting. Compare the design of other brands in the performance challenge video.
  • Oscillating Bolster: Keeps the drum parallel to the ground and minimizes elevation changes from bumps and potholes. Watch the performance challenge video to see it in action.
  • Increased Drum Torque: High-flow models feature increased drum torque for moving more dirt and grading more efficiently. Increased drum torque is especially beneficial when operating in rich soils.
  • Removable End Plates: Used to achieve a box blade effect. When removable end plates are attached, soil in front of the drum is carried along and can be used to fill in low spots for an even finish. Without, material is pushed to the side and can later be picked up with a bucket.
  • Rubber Flap: Keeps large material from going over the drum and allows finer material through.


Model Soil Conditioner, Manual - 48"
Operating Weight 636 lb
Length 57.9 in
Width 60.6 in
Height 28.9 in
Number of Teeth 81
Degree of Angle 25 degrees Left or Right
Width (Fully Angled) 46 in
Flow Range Min 10 gal/min
Flow Range Max 18 gal/min