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Kubota B2301HSD, B2601SD, B2401DT, B2401DTN

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Kubota B2301HSD, B2601SD, B2401DT, B2401DTN for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona




The B01 Series gives you the best in class when it comes to affordability, power, and functionality. Meet the B01 Series to find out why.


Kubota understands that not every customer's needs are the same. With that in mind, the B01 Series offers multiple options for customers throughout the lineup. With gross horsepower ranging from 20.9 to 24.3, Kubota's B01 Series offers five affordable models to choose from based on your application and implements requirements.


The B01 Series is designed with strength and power in mind. With high horsepower and excellent durability, and easy attach/detach implements, the B2401 can do anything in any season. The B01 Series offers features like the swift-tach loader, performance-matched Kubota-built backhoe, Kubota diesel engine, all metal hood and fenders, and a 3-range HST or gear-driven transmission.


Kubota takes pride in every machine built with importance placed on engineering excellence. The B01 Series offers the functionality and ease of operation that the customer is after. With a wide selection of Kubota Performance Matched implements and attachments, Kubota’s B01 Series will make any project quick and effortless to complete.


The B01 Series offers multiple models in the Series lineup, depending on the customer’s needs. 

  • 3-Range Hydrostat (HST) Transmission – Available in B2301 and the B2601, the Kubota designed and built 3-range transmission offers the ability to shift between Low, Medium or High, depending on the application. The advantage to a 3-Range HST is having more precise speed control that gives a better balance between speed and torque, thus increasing the tractor’s performance and efficiency no matter the job.
  • B2401 Narrow - The B2401DT Narrow comes in with an overall width of less than 36 inches. This is the perfect solution for anyone with narrow rows (48 - 60 inches) needing an affordable option for a narrow specialty tractor. It’s perfect for vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and any other commercial opportunities.
  • HP ranging from 20.9 to 21.9 gross horsepower, Kubota’s B01 series offers four affordable horsepower models to choose from based on your application and implement requirements.


The B01 Series is built by Kubota for Kubota, not a re-branded product built and distributed by multiple manufacturers. This allows for a performance-matched design that maximizes performance and efficiency, as well as a reliable, long-term parts and serviceability supplier for the life of the tractor. Other durable features include:

  • Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer of under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines in the world
  • Metal Hood and Fenders – Strong and durable metal hood and fenders will not only protect your equipment, but keep it looking good for a long time to come


Depending on your needs whether it’s performance, affordability, or ease-of-use when choosing the right transmission, Kubota’s B01 Series has the powertrain solution.

  • HST Treadle Pedal Design – HST models come with the Kubota Treadle Pedal, which is designed to be easy-to-use with clutchless shifting between directions. Additionally, the treadle pedal design is easy to understand and operate. Simply place your foot over the pedal, and press forward with your toe to go forward, or press backward with your heel for reverse. This allows for less confusion and smoother operation, making every job simple and quick.
  • 9FX3R Gear-Driven Transmission - Available in B2401 and the B2401 Narrow, the Kubota designed and built gear-drive transmission is equipped with 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds and 3 ranges (Low-Medium-High). The advantage to a gear-drive transmission is getting more power out of your transmission, especially in heavy-duty field applications, and is the most affordable option in the B01 Series. The gear-drive transmission is available on the B2401 and B2401 Narrow models.
  • Easy to Use Controls – Simple controls that are easy to understand and operate, with controls being placed ergonomically so that they are easy to locate and reach to maximize operator comfort
  • Standard Cruise Control (HST Models) – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the HST pedal
  • Hydraulic Independent PTO (HST Models) – The advantage to a hydraulic independent PTO is easy-to-use operation with no clutching or stopping required when changing directions.
  • Foldable ROPS – ROPS for maximum protection, foldable for maximum convenience


The B01 Series is built with not only long hours of use, but also first time operators in mind. It features:

  • Deluxe High Back Seat with Armrests (HST Models)– The deluxe seat with armrests and excellent seat suspension increase operator comfort
  • Wide and Flat Operator’s Station – Easy to get on and off, with plenty of legroom to increase operator comfort
  • Tilt Steering Wheel (HST Models) – Allows you to adjust the steering wheel for maximum comfort and ease of getting on and off the tractor
  • Rubber Floor Mat – Reduces noise and vibration, creating a more comfortable ride and decreasing fatigue
  • Easy to Use Controls – Simple controls that are easy to understand and operate, with controls being placed ergonomically so that they are easy to locate and reach to maximize operator comfort
  • Easy-to-Read Dash Panel – Features large gauges showing RPM, engine temperature and fuel level
  • Cruise Control (HST Models) – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the HST pedal
  • Ready for a Long Day – Standard cup holder, tool box and large fuel tank capacity



Kubota B2301 B2601 Specs



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