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Kubota Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

Kubota Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

Posted by Danielle Beserra on 22 April 2020

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Whether you're a seasoned landscape professional or a homeowner tackling that yard to-do list having the right lawnmower in your shed can save you valuable time and produce a better-looking outcome.
Lawnmowers are pretty straightforward and accomplish the same job however, there are many styles and features to choose from. Here’s everything you need to know about zero turns, stand on, front mount, walk-behind mowers, and lawn tractors to make an informed decision.

Five Things To Consider First: 

Lawn size: 

If you have a 1/2 acre or less, a stand behind mower is your best choice.  Tackling an area much bigger than this with a stand behind will waste your time and energy, especially during our summers. When working on areas bigger than 1/2 acre a riding or stand-on mower will be your better option.


Next, you should consider what type of terrain you're dealing with. Is it mostly flat with no obstacles, or are there obstacles and hills? Just like lawn size, if you have a small flat patch of lawn, a walk-behind mower is all you need. If you have flower beds, trees, and rocks or hills to maneuver around a zero-turns mower will make your job easier than a standard ride-on option. 

Power supply:

When it comes to the power supply, you have two choices -electric or gas, each has its pros and cons. Electric mowers are generally quieter, require less maintenance, and are easier to operate. Electric mowers are also less powerful and need to be changed often. Your gas options, on the other hand, are more powerful while also requiring more maintenance and of course, gas. 


This consideration only matters if you are purchasing a riding lawnmower. Riding lawn mowers are a great choice if you have a lot of areas to cover. You may want to purchase attachments to fully utilize the power of your machine. Some attachment options are rakes and fertilizer spreaders, which are purchased separately. When purchasing a riding lawnmower, check that it is compatible with attachments that are in your price range. 

Grass clippings:

Lastly, consider what you want to do with the grass clippings. The easiest option is to purchase a lawnmower that discards the clippings onto the lawn. As long as the clippings aren't thick, they can act as a great fertilizer. If you don't want to deal with grass clippings on your lawn, you can buy a machine with a bagger, which usually costs more but produces a cleaner result.

Find The Kubota Mower To Fit Your Needs: 

Now that you have narrowed down what you need from a mower now let's go over models. 

Zero-Turns Mowers

z700 efi

Have it all – style, comfort, and performance matched with Kubota’s excellence in quality and durability. Kubota offers a variety of zero-turns series with a range of features and decks all include ROPS ( rollover protection)  to ensure operator safety.

Professional and homeowners can enjoy the benefits of zero-tun mowers. Make turns easily, navigate obstacles, and cover large areas quickly. Ranging from entry-level to professional options and everything in between, you can find a zero-turns mower to tackle your needs and fit your budget. 


Stand-On Mowers 


The Kubota SZ Series commercial stand-on is the answer to get more done, faster, and more efficiently, in even the tightest spaces while delivering superior comfort and durability. This option combines the best of both a commercial zero-turn and an agile walk behind. It is light, and smaller which means it will save you space and fit into smaller areas. These are ideal for professional landscapers, giving your crew the power to get the job done quickly. 


Walk-Behind Mowers

w821 pro 1

Similar to zero-turns, Kubota offers a few different options when it comes to walk-behind mowers. The WG Series WG6 is great for residential and commercial users, The cast aluminum deck and serviceable wheels with dual ball-bearings and replaceable tread tires meet the demands of any job. It comes with a durable plastic mulch plug that s easily installed when opening the rear door. Walk-behind mowers are your best choice to tackle smaller areas of grass that have little to no obstacles, while also being more affordable than other options. 


Front Mount Mowers


f2690e f2690 f3990

 Front Mount mowers are powerful options and great for professionals or those with lots of ground to cover. You can mow along fences, close to trees, under bushes, and cut into corners. Kubota's F Series features a range of efficient diesel engines, from 24.8-36.9 HP, 60” or 72” cutting widths, and a high lift capacity to handle an array of attachments. This machine also has  Auto-Assist 4WD that works in forward and reverse, automatically controlling the drive loads on the wheels during turns. This feature lets you turn with greater efficiency and ease with less wear and tear on the turf. Full-time 4WD can also be engaged. These powerful Kubota diesel engines mean faster, more efficient job performance. It also comes with a larger discharge chute to improve discharge performance

The F series is built for quick and simple maintenance. 

  • Quick-release engine cover
  • 90-degree tilt mower deck
  • Dual-element air cleaner
  • Integrated radiator screen


Tractor Mowers

t1880 t2080 t2380

 Tractor mowers are ideal for homeowners with large lawns to cover and don't want to deal with a traditional walk-behind push mower. These are an ideal option if you don't need to maneuver quickly around obstacles. They also give you the option to add attachments, meaning you can do more with your machine in half the time! Many models are equipped with a host of features. The Kubota T Series can satisfy the most demanding homeowners. Learning to drive one will take minutes and it will turn any task into an enjoyable one.

Some key features of this mower are: 

  • Side-discharge mode
  • Mulching mode
  • Grass catching mode



Although many hardware stores sell lawnmowers and offer deals, you won't get the expert knowledge and maintenance staff you will when you go to your local dealer. When it comes to convenient warranty repairs or maintenance advice you can count on our team. Apart from that, we have a wide range of Kubota series for you to choose from.


Now that you've done some research on what's out there, it's time for the fun to begin! Contact your local Bingham Equipment dealer to answer any questions you may have, or stop by and check them out in person. 

Did You Know? We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment

We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment. From preventative maintenance kits to ordering parts direct. We have you covered.

Learn More

Did You Know? We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment

We can provide you with the highest quality OEM parts for maintaining your equipment. From preventative maintenance kits to ordering parts direct. We have you covered.

Learn More