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Bobcat Asphalt Heater Base

Bobcat Asphalt Heater Base for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona

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Bobcat Asphalt Heater Base for sale at Bingham Equipment Company, Arizona


Stock #: Asphalt Heater Base


Bobcat® asphalt preservation tools answer the growing need for an eco-friendly restoration process that decreases expenses and extends the life of road and parking lot repairs. This simple restoration system uses an infrared asphalt heater and asphalt processor to repair potholes and other surface defects like cracks, deteriorating surfaces and frost heaves that develop in streets, highways and parking lots.

These attachments are designed to perform a three-step asphalt preservation process that seamlessly fuses recycled asphalt with surrounding asphalt. This creates a strong and durable bond that outlasts conventional asphalt approaches.

The asphalt heater has three infrared elements that heat a repair area of 30 square feet to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the asphalt for the milling process. The asphalt processor mills the soften asphalt and mixes it with liquid asphalt rejuvenator, then levels the area so it is ready for compaction.

Bobcat asphalt preservation tools enable operators to make repairs with minimal traffic disruption, and are an ideal solution when smaller repair—rather than large asphalt overlay—will answer the need.

Asphalt Preservation Tools vs. Conventional Repair

Unlike conventional repair methods, Bobcat asphalt preservation tools eliminate the need for total repair by reheating existing asphalt to seamlessly fuse potholes and surface defects together with the surrounding asphalt.

Conventional repair methods have cold-joints, which are entry points for debris and water penetration in the base material that may ultimately lead to patch failure. While conventional repair methods remove damaged asphalt, Bobcat asphalt preservation tools allow operators to recycle the existing damaged asphalt, resulting in less raw materials transported, used and stockpiled. And, because these tools are highly maneuverable, operators can minimize traffic disruption and complete repairs close to other surface objects like curbs, corners and manhole covers.

Top Tasks

  • Repair potholes, cracks, frost heaves, and other surface defects on roads, highways, parking lots, driveways and paved asphalt paths

How It Works

Step 1:

The operator uses an approved Bobcat loader to place the asphalt heater on the area to be repaired. The operator starts the generator and turns on the three heating elements, warming the surface. This takes 20-40 minutes depending on the material temperature and the depth of processing required.

Step 2:

Once the area reaches 300ºF, the asphalt heater is removed. The loader operator then attaches the asphalt processor attachment and tills the heated area in reverse. Liquid asphalt rejuvenator is spread over the area. Again the asphalt processor is positioned over the area; the materials are mixed while traveling in reverse. This is repeated until a consistent mixture is created.

Step 3:

Operators roll the material with a walk-behind vibratory compact roller, starting with the edges first, rolling the area until it is smooth. Steps 2 and 3 can be accomplished while the asphalt heater is heating another repair area.


  • Eco-Friendly: By recycling damaged asphalt to complete repairs, fewer raw materials are transported, used and stockpiled.
  • High Maneuverability: Only close one lane of traffic while repairing asphalt; repair areas in tight locations with less traffic re-routing. Traffic can resume as soon as the repair has cooled to 175° F.
  • Long-Lasting Repairs: The asphalt preservation process seamlessly fuses the recycled asphalt with surrounding asphalt, creating a strong and durable bond that outlasts other methods of asphalt repair.
  • Versatility: Built as an attachment, these tools are more cost-efficient, mobile and productive than trailer-mounted units or methods requiring a dedicated truck, and allow operators to easily outfit their compact loaders with other attachments to complete multiple tasks on the jobsite.


Asphalt Heater

  • Durable, Seamless Repairs: Seamlessly fuses recycled asphalt with surrounding asphalt to create a strong, durable surface that seals out water and ice that often penetrate other repairs.
  • Mobile: Highly mobile and maneuverable. Easily fits on a trailer for transportation. Repairs areas up to 30 square feet at a time.
  • Onsite Convenience: Saves equipment, labor and new material transportation while eliminating the need for tack-coating the edges by creating a seamless finish.
  • Three Infrared Heating Elements: Softens the asphalt without scorching or burning; expedites repair by heating, fusing and compacting recycled asphalt.
  • On/Off Switch: Allows safe activation of the heater while it is on top of the repair area.
  • Four Jack Stands: Prevents heating of non-repair surfaces when raised by allowing airflow under the asphalt heater.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Mounted to the side of the generator for quick access in an emergency.

Asphalt Processor

  • Bob-Tach™ Mounting System: Turns your loader into a multi-machine with tight-fit attachment hook-up for less operator fatigue and more comfortable working conditions.
  • Beveled Tines: Seamlessly bonds the repaired area and existing pavement.
  • Cutting Width: The cutting width of the asphalt processor is narrower than the heater area to fuse the existing undisturbed heated asphalt with beveled edges of the repair area. This helps create a seamless repair area.
  • Direct Drive Motor: Delivers necessary operating power while reducing overall maintenance costs, extending the life of the attachment and eliminating the need for high-wear items such as gear boxes, chains, sprockets, and sheer pins.
  • Adjustable Skid Wings: Funnels material into the desired location and provides a consistent finish for the vibratory drum roller.
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes: Delivers depth control for precise tilling operation on the repair.
  • Replaceable Tines: Durable double-edged tines deliver maximum asphalt penetration so operators can break through clumps and tear through materials to deliver loosened, well-mixed asphalt ready for compaction.


Model Asphalt Heater Base
Operating Weight n/a
59 in
111.4 in
84.4 in
Number of Heating Elements 3
Weight (Generator Fuel Tank Full)
3,760 lb
Fire Extinguisher 1
Mirrors 2
Repair Area
30 ft²